The Buda Health Center is one of the leading private institutions of Budapest offering its patients personalized comprehensive health care.


Payment Methods

The following methods of payment are accepted

  • Cash
  • Vacation checks
  • Bank cards
  • Health Funds

Payment may be made in three ways through a health fund

  • Cash or Bank Cards:payment made by you in this manner will, subsequently, be refunded to you by your health fund upon your request. Members of the following health funds may, currently, pay in this manner: ADOSZT, Allianz Hungária, Aranykor, AXA, Budai, Danubius Gyógyüdülők, DIMENZIÓ, Egészségért, Évgyűrűk, Generali, HONVÉD, KARDIREX, K&H Medicina, MKB, OTP, Patika, Postás, Pro-Vita, TEMPO, Új Pillér, Vasutas, Vitamin, Wellness.
  • Health Fund Cards:
    when paying via your Health Fund Card, the sum will be deducted from your Health Fund account and forwarded to us. Payment with the following Health Fund Cards are accepted by us: ADOSZT, Allianz, Aranykor, Erste Harmónia, Egészségért, Generali, MKB, OTP, Patika, Postás, Új Pillér, K&H Medicina, Tempo, Vasutas, Medismart. (Medismart cards are accepted as payment for AXA, Dimenzió and Pro-Vita health funds.)
  • Health Fund Vouchers:
    the vouchers have cash value and may be used as cash. Currently, vouchers are accepted from members of the Wellness Egészségpénztár (Wellness Health Fund).